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about Us

The California Future Education Initiative was born from a shared vision among a close group of three friends, united by a passion for seeking further knowledge in their subjects of interest and fostering academic excellence. Our mission is not only to deepen our understanding of various subjects but also to empower others by sharing this knowledge and supporting their educational initiatives.


Today, thanks to the dedication and collaboration of our expanding team, we have evolved into a dynamic non-profit organization that offers comprehensive tutoring services to students across California. Our commitment extends beyond academics as we actively create volunteering opportunities, engage in our communities, and fundraise money to support classrooms in need.

One of the most important points of our initiative is our enthusiastic approach to learning and teaching. We believe that education should be a joyful journey, filled with discovery and growth. Our team of educators and volunteers embodies this spirit, creating an environment where students thrive.

Join us in our mission to transform education and create a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of students and communities around the globe.

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3 Co-Founders

The non-profit organization, CFEI, was established by a trio of friends with a shared goal of creating a small tutoring service for children who need it. However, as they devoted more time to the initiative, it quickly grew from tutoring service to non-profit organization within a matter of days.

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